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Valentine's Day Cruises Social Media Campaign



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"Your Love Boat" is a theme that I came up with to promote Valentine's Day cruises through social media, eblasts and the company website. This will be used company wide for the 8 casual cruise brands throughout 7 cities. To achieve the polished look I was going for I combined 3D renderings of the letters from Photoshop with 2 dimensional loose sketches of the heart and water from Illustrator. The "v" is the bow of a ship coming at you. This will be used alone on the accompanying teaser social media post images for unity.

Accompanying the very graphic "logo" will be five teaser post images sprinkled throughout the various social media sites. Each post image will be playing off the idea that enjoying a cruise on Valentine's Day is better than what you usually do, get or give. Each typical idea is represented and presented on a silver platter. Notice the inclusion of the boat bow from the "v" in the logo for familiarity.