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The Generational Pendulum



Generational Insights



The Generational Pendulum was actually an intense slide presentation outlining how the general characteristics of today's generations have arisen in the past and, based on information derived from that knowledge, where we can expect to go. There were a lot of images, diagrams, history and facts being presented. The goal of this companion piece was to help make all of those elements easier to comprehend and digest. The author actually presented the entire 1.5 hour presentation to me, slides and all, in order for me to truly understand the position of the attendees.

Because of the primarily historical content and all the images and graphs I went with a notebook theme... a da Vinci's notebook. I kept the layout casual to help convey the information in a playful manner that was easy to understand. To carry the theme the booklet was printed on faux aged paper and I retouched most of the images to look as if they were taped in. I also hand drew the charts and graphs.