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Rack Cards and Brochures



Entertainment Cruises



Rack cards and brochures are displayed in racks in various tourist hot spots throughout the cities. They are displayed along with many other destination offerings from other companies so they need to stand out. Usually only about the top third is visible while in the rack so these were designed to convey the most interesting and competitive information there. Above the fold so to speak.

To the far left is a tri-fold rack brochure for the entire Chicago fleet of Entertainment Cruises which consists of five ships. It had to not only promote those five separate vessels but specialty cruises as well. Laying out so much information so that it is understandable and also ascetically pleasing is always the challenge.

The rack card in the bottom middle highlighted Boston Odyssey on one side and Spirit of Boston on the other. Each side was to be done in that particular product’s brand and needed to be able to stand alone.

At the middle top is a rack card for Chicago Seadog. And on far right is a bi-fold rack brochure for the Boston fleet. As you can see, there is always a struggle designing with the amount of information the sales teams wants to convey.