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Commemorative Air Force



These are separate stationery sets I did for the Commemorative Air Force Museum, a non-profit organization that obtains old war planes and refurbishes them back to flying condition, and their their sister company and museum the American Airpower Heritage Museum.


The Commemorative Air Force Museum is a visual experience of old war plane memorabilia. Since it has a direct relationship with the military I wanted the stationery to imply that relationship without the standard military clich├ęs. For that I created a color palette of natural, muted military tones. The masthead had to incorporate several additions to the usual information. This included a tag line and additional logos of accreditation and affiliation. To organize all these elements I went with my visual interpretation of the military itself -- a rigid grid reminiscent of military collateral from the past with a contemporary touch.


The American Airpower Heritage Museum is more of an educational experience but still tied to the armed forces. For this reason I wanted to take the same subtle military approach without repeating myself. To accomplish this I went in a more classical direction with a digitally aged paper foundation and streamlined color palette. This set also had to incorporate accreditation and affiliation logos as well a the standard information but a went with a more traditional distribution. To imply history, movement and "airpower" I added simple lines to the museum name and layered it on additional ghosted type. The only color is a rust brown in various tints.